Reena and Rebecca came together out of kismet, one having made the choice to go back to work after having a child and the other staying home and stepping out of a career track. The authors began writing a book about career intervention, but when COVID-19 descended, so many people suddenly experienced career interruption on a global scale they wanted to not only address the fear and anxiety that millions of people were dealing with, but offer a positive way forward.The strengths both Reena and Rebecca bring to the table create a perfect yin and yang collaboration. The passion they both share for empowering each and every person to find their calling and live a rich and rewarding life will resonate with anyone who feels disenfranchised or left behind, or simply experiencing career burnout. Their mission is to pass on the experience of work-life harmony they have both shared writing this book together.

Slide REENA GUPTA Entrepreneur | Author | Work-Life Harmony Champion Career Interrupted is a book that has been gesticulating inside Reena for the last decade. As an entrepreneur creating companies in the talent industry since 2002, her very first hire was a stay-at-home mom, and since then she has wanted to share with the world that the least likely can often be the best performers if you give them the opportunity. Reena took that passion for diversity and inclusion and founded Mom Relaunch. Her program nurtures and mentors candidates while opening career avenues for them. She has written this book for anyone who has been undervalued at work, laid off, furloughed, hit a career rut, or struggled to reenter the workforce. She wants to inspire anyone and everyone to know that work-life harmony is within their reach. Reena loves spending time at home in Pleasanton, CA with her family. Together, they share many traveling adventures, including celebrating every New Year’s Day in a different country. Learn about her work at ReenaGupta.com.

Slide REBECCA CULLEN Screenwriter, Author Rebecca spent a decade as a screenwriter, selling original pilots, writing network specials, and developing projects for various producers. She is an author, blogger, and essayist whose work has been published in the LA Times. Career Interrupted is her second book. Rebecca reinvested in herself and re-entered the workforce after an extended break to raise a family, and is excited to be fully relaunched, writing full-time again. She is a very proud mom of two grown boys, Aidan and Beckett, and shares part-time custody of one confused dog, Buddy, in Santa Monica.
Read more of her writing at RebeccaCullenWriter.com

Our Book Village

In Career Interrupted there is a lot of talk about finding your village, and the critical importance of support, mentoring, and contribution from those close to you to help you shine. And this book could not have been realized without the meaningful contribution of those who have been kind enough to give their time and share their expertise in these pages. Having broken the larger topics into subtopics, we were able to attract dynamic and interesting interviews for every niche that add a layer of depth to the themes that run throughout the book. Everyone we have included has helped illuminate specific points in each chapter, and together, we’ve woven a tapestry that we think both highlights larger themes and pulls our message together—empowerment through creating work-life harmony.


Vivek Wadhwa

Vivek Wadhwa

Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School. Vivek has written several acclaimed books, including Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology. He has been a globally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post and held appointments at Duke University and Stanford Law School, and he has been named one of Time magazine’s 40 most influential minds in technology.



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